Steps of replacement of dust collector and baghouse filter bags

Steps of replacement of dust collector and baghouse filter bags

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Updatezeit : 2018-01-22 13:22:25

Steps of replacement of dust collector and baghouse filter bags

Dust collector filter bags and cages play a very important role in the process of dust removal in the bag type dust collector, so what is the "heart" of the dust collector in the end? The filter bag cages of the dust collector are important. Its main function is to support and fix the filter bag. The quality of the dust collector baghouse cages directly affects the service life and the dust removal effect of the dust filter bags, but it is not the heart of the dust collector baghouse. So during the usage, the dust collection filter bag has an indelible effect, then how to do replacement of filter bags?

SIIC team from INDRO filtration group introduces you steps of dust collector filter bags replacement as followings:

1.    For single section filter bag cages, normally there is space for filter bags changing operation. First, take out filter bags and cages, use knife or other tools to remove the filter bags which attached onto filter bag cages.(Please do not damage filter bag cages)

2.    For multi section filter bag cages, we can cut the dust collector filter bags at the joints of filter bag cages and then remove the filter cages, then move to open area and remove filter bags from cages.

3.    During filter bag installation, we must ensure that the cloth dust filter bags size is same as requirement of installation. The imperfect processing of dust collector baghouse is also the reason why filter bags problems easily occur. After dust filter bag installation, the mouth of filter bag must be tightly sealed and hard to be rotated by hand.

4.    The mouth of the dusting bag is completely opened, and there is no remainder after the installation.

5.    For dust filter bags with structure of cap and hoop, in order to prevent falling or air leakage, it is necessary to do good job of fastening.


In the process of replacement of dust collector and baghouse filter bags, most filter bags will be corroded, aging, still and shrinking after very long time of usage. And during the changing filter bags by hand, because the collected dust is too fine, the operation workers need to wear dust proof mask, goggles and ballistic cap to ensure their own security, then do jobs of filter bag replacement.