Tips of industrial filter bags-aquarium filter media bags

Tips of industrial filter bags-aquarium filter media bags

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Aquarium filters and media bags are one of industrial filter bags.

Filter bags are essential for clear aquarium water.

An aquarium filter bag is used to hold loose filter media.

Using a bag sized appropriately for the media being used is critical, as a very small media may go through the holes of a larger micron sized bag. When choosing a bag, the higher the micron rating the larger the hole. If your media is very tiny, generally something in the 150 micron size or less will be desirable. Shanghai Indro aquarium filter bag is often a good choice. A good quality filter bag can be reused and refilled, so tie a knot in the drawstring that can be untied easily. Shanghai Indro aquarium filter bags include PP aquarium filter bag and nylon media aquarium filter bag, you can choose suitable one as per your exact condition.