What affects dust collector filter bag cages price

What affects filter bag cages price

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Updatezeit : 2017-08-01 14:49:20

As one professional filter bag cages manufacturer and supplier, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is glad to share with you about price factors of filter bag cages as followings:

Filter bag cages material, diameter, length, vertical wire number and wire thickness, support ring distance and ring thickness, including venture or not, cage top and bottom collar requirement, finish treatment and filter bag cages package details.

With its own technology team support, we make drawing of filter bag cages as per your requirement, after approval and start filter bag cage production.

All cages are made by automatic welding machine, the INDRO filter bag cages quality is controlled and stable.

As one reliable filter bag cage supplier, INDRO offers widely range of filter bag cages from standard round filter bag cages to flat filter bag cages, from galvanized carbon steel filter bag cages to stainless steel 304/316 filter bag cages.